104 Bar Phnom Penh

The Hottest Phnom Penh Hostess Bar on 104 Street

If you’re the kinda of man or woman that likes sitting around with beautiful Cambodian women, plying them with drinks and enjoying music from your hey days. Then this might be the place for you. Cold beers, hot women and good music, something every Phnom Penh hostess bar promises but many fail to deliver on. 

Ice Cold Beer!

My only complaint, and it’s  a common problem with a lot of the bars now is that they have moved from ice bins full of ice and water, which does get ice cold, to fridges – which frankly don’t do the job, especially the non-commercial ones most bars use. Stock management using fridges is an art in itself, it’s not just a matter of slapping a slab of warm beers in a fridge and waiting 24 hours for them to get cold. OK that’s pretty much it, but if you want a cold beer in 5 minutes and have the planning skills of a gold fish then ice bins and water are the way to go.


A Brief History of 104 Bar Phnom Penh

One of the oldest bars on the street it was established in about 2004, at a guess – way to many beers to remember exact dates. About the same time as Zanzibar and a year after Rose bar moved to the street.

The bar being at least 20 meters from the other 2 hostess bars on the street, which were opposite each other, started off slowly originally being non-air conditioned and not a hostess bar. The decision to switch fully to a hostess bar was made, air-conditioning was installed and staff numbers increased from 5 to 50 within 4 months.

Things went well after that, with the expansion to 136 Street and the eponymously named One3Six bar. Which was followed by the very popular 69 Bar Phnom Penh.