69 Bar Phnom Penh

Cold Beer, Hot Women. What? There’s more to life?

69 Bar Phnom Penh was one of the first hostess bars on 136 Street, it was preceded by its sister bar One3Six which has now relocated to the corner of 130 Street and street 5 and it’s doing well.

The landlords of the location having seen how easy it is to run a bar decided not to renew the lease and open their own bar.

The owners of 136 were very smart and moved the bar several months before the end of the lease and had a large sign redirecting their customer base to the new location. Well done.

The old bar was cunningly named Best 136 Bar. Which to be honest, it wasn’t.

69 Bar Phnom Penh has been a great bar over the years influencing many other bars by its design and ambiance. However gone are the days of dancing on the bar but there’s still a lot of fun to be had. OK, the picture below is from Candy bar, which is was also owned by the same owner as 69 Bar and she does have a tendency to move the staff around the bars, so you’ll likely see this lovely young lady in 69 bar. If not, it’s  a nice view anyway.

69 Bar has now changed hands and is under new management and hopefully things will improve again. However, now the numbers of bars has gone up so much the chances of that happening are slim unless the new owner can get the staffing levels to what they once were. Good luck to them anyway.

136 Street Hostess Bar Heaven

69 Bar Phnom Penh is located on street 136, which is bar far the most heavily populated street in Phnom Penh for hostess bars. It has now even nearly taken over all available spaces on the first and second block of the street and has started to make way into the 3rd block. 

At a guess I would have to say there are over 50 bars on this street with an average of 10 staff per bar, so the chance of meeting someone that you might find interesting is quite high.


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