Western Trendy Bars in Phnom Penh

Sounds exciting doesn’t it, fly half way around the world to go to a bar that just like the one down the street from your house. Well why not! So if you like this type of bar then these bars are for you. Yes there are also the young and upcoming middle class khmers that need to be exposed to these types of bars,

Bar Sito which is situated on 240 and a half street down a alley way between BarSito01
street 240 and street 244. This is a very cosy bar made by a couple of New Zealand
brothers that have gone onto make several other bars in the same alley as well as
other locations. On the 240 street end of the alley is the similarly named Cafe Sito,
one of their bars/cafes/restaurants. Bar Sito is located just down the alley way on
the right. Prices are very reasonable and the staff are competent. Checkout their
other venture in the alley, The Public House.



How much more trendy than a roof top Martini Bar combined with a
vintage/antique shop downstairs.harrys1

• Antique shop • 10am – 7pm • Tue – Sun
• Martini Bar • 5pm – 11pm • Tue – Sun

Guess they are closed on Mondays.



Not really a bar as it’s a micro distillery but it does serve Cerevisia Craft Breweries
micro brewed beer and it distills it’s own rum . Downside is it’s only open on Thursday.
The beer was good hadn’t checked out the rum, yet.


Hangar 44

An artistically designed bar with a motorbike theme that features motorbikes  which can even be purchased. Situated in the bar complex on Bassac Lane.