Gyms of varying standard and price are available at most major hotels, if you’re after a budget gym that provides a nice swimming pool, sauna and an air-conditioned gym with a view of the Tonle Sap (the river  not the lake) then the Cambodiana might suit you. Current monthly membership is $56/month.

High end gym’s include The Place, where membership is around $900/year. Here is a rundown of some of the better known facilities in town.


Himawari (Fitness One) – Very small gym, but nice outdoor pool. Rather pathetic offering in terms of free-weights (and machines for that matter). A few of the treadmills were out of order. Other features include: steam room, tennis court, outdoor jacuzzi. $7 per session, $18 for weekend (I assume that includes Friday?) and $75 for the month.
023 214 555, ext 881 or
313 Sisowath Quay
Open daily from 6:00am till 10:00pm

VIP Sports Club – Pretty ghetto gym – feels as though the place could collapse at any moment. I can’t imagine that the floor could actually support the weight of some of our more portly expats – seriously. A few ping pong tables, some tennis courts, a pool, boxing, weights, treadmills, large fans, but pretty bloody hot.
$3 per session or coupon options as someone else mentioned.
023 993 535 or
227 Norodom Blvd
Open daily from 6:00am till 9:00pm

Cambodiana (Physique Club) – Very nice pool, decent gym (not huge, but better than the two above), working treadmills, tolerable temperature, a nice selection of dumbbells that no one else was using.
There is an ‘Early Bird’ promo on at the moment for coming to the gym at off-peak times.
012 931 518 or
313 Sisowath Quay
Open daily from 6:00am till 10:00pm

Muscle Fitness Centre – I was unable to use this one, because upon entry I was required to sign a declaration that I was under 80kg in order to use the treadmills and something about being under 90kg for some of the other gear. That rules out a significant percentage of the expat population (male or female).
Supa cheap though: $3 per session, coupon options, $30/month, $76.50/3months, $135/6months, $234/12months
012 796 374 or
St 95 & St 136

The Place – The best gym I’ve found, but costs a tad more than most of the others. Great selection of free weights, machines, plenty of working treadmills, nice pool, sauna, steam rooms, ping pong, clean locker rooms and an “Internet bar” with a handful of Macs.
$15/session, $150/month, $350/3months, $575/6months, $850/year
023 999 799 or
Pasteur & St 282