Learn Some Khmer

Some usefull hostess bar conversation

And another chance for me to get some beer money

Greetings and essentials

Hello (formal): Chom Reap Sour (chom-reap-sore)

Hello (informal): Susadei (Soos-a-day)

How are you and I am fine : Soksaby (soks-a-bye)

Good bye (formal): Chom Reap Lear (chom-reep-lear) 

Good bye (informal): Lee hi (lee-hi)

Yes (male): Bah (bah)

Yes (female): Jah (chaa)

No: Ot Teh (ot-tei)

Thank you: Arkun (Ar-koon)

Sorry/ excuse me: Som Dtoh (som-toe) 

Bar Girl Conversation

Beautiful: Sa-aht

Nice Girl: Srei La-oh

Smile: Sau-it

Hair (on the head): Saw

Hello: Soo-ah Sa-Die

Goodbye: Knee Howie

See You Next Time: Joop K-nea Pail Kra-wee

Thank You: Ah-keun

I Would Like A Beer Please: K-n-yome Soom Sra Bee-ah

Would You Like A Drink?: Jong Puk Avai-avai?