Learn Some Khmer – Number and Negotiation


Numbers:  Watch Dara Yin’s video on Youtube to get a quick view of counting up to ten.

Khmer Backwards Slang

If you find rhyming cockney slang confusing and generally annoying, then brace yourself for this wacky Khmer variant.  Cambodian people believe that it is incredibly clever, and amusing, to re-arrange the syllables of common phrases.    Accordingly, when a foreigner does it, it is all the more entertaining.  It is highly recommended to use this slang when you try to speak with Cambodian bar girls as it may likely result in confusion at first, then rolls of giggles once they figure out what you are saying.  They really don’t expect it (with good reason).  The bold is the backwards slang, the translation is the forwards words, and the brackets are the English meaning.

Sai-sa-bok: Suk-sa-buy (hello greeting)

Cha-pee-noi: Choi Pee Neck (sex with two people)

Chea Knoi: Choi Knea (sex together)

Hopefully the vocabulary, phrases and slang provided in this article will make your evening venture more fun and eventful.  Commit everything to memory, or print out the article and take it along.

Please note, these phrases are shortened, and are not necessarily grammatically perfect.  Wherever possible, they have been modified to be easier and shorter, and closer to the way the Cambodian girls actually speak than to proper Khmer.  The Khmer language in this post can be learned and understood more easily so that our readers are able to speak with Cambodian bar girls with minimal effort.

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