It’s not as bad as you may think¬†. The rich and powerful can do pretty much what they like and get away with it, but is it any different than your own country? More practical safety concerns are much more basic.

Sure they might drive in a somewhat haphazard manner using all four lanes of a 2 lane road.

Traffic and Transportation

Traffic accidents are not uncommon in the chaotic traffic of Cambodia, particularly Phnom Penh and on the National Routes between major cities. The most common and convenient forms of public  transportation are the tuk-tuk and the motorcycle-taxi (motodup), though car taxi is the safest way to move around the city. There are now several metered taxi companies available and at a rate comparable to a tuk-tuk.


For those who choose to rent a motorcycle and drive themselves, be forewarned that traffic in Phnom Penh is chaotic in the extreme, making motorcycling very challenging. Roads outside the city vary in condition. Most of the National Routes are in good condition and dangerously fast and unregulated. If you do decide to ride, drive slowly, stay right, wear a helmet and remember that medical services are limited, especially in the countryside where it is almost non-existent. Only experienced riders should attempt driving in Cambodia.

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