The Cavern Pub

Originally an English themed pub serving comfort food for Brits and the like it has slowly morphed into a full on hostess bar. Generally the bar plays a more classic rock style of music and not to loud. It is still a good place to meet other expats, especially around 5-6pm when the staff for all the other bars are arriving. Out door seating is available as well as air conditioned seating inside. Food is available from the Pickled Parrot restaurant across the road.

Customers are welcome to choose or request music and best efforts are made to accommodate everyone but as the saying goes you can please some people some of the time but you can’t please all people all of the time. Staff are friendly and accommodating, unlike other bars they have a separate wait staff and hostess staff. The wait staff serve behind the bar and do not entertain customers in the same manner as the hostesses.

The Cavern Pub Phnom Penh website.