Cambodian Visa’s for Tourism and Business

Before you arrive in Cambodia
E-Visas can be obtained before you leave, by visiting the government’s MFAIC site.
– For $25 ($20 + $5 processing charge), you receive a 30-day tourist visa. The benefit of this is that it saves a page in your passport, which would otherwise be taken up by a full-page stamp.
– These generally take 2 business days to process.
– This visa can be only extended once for 30 days.
– These are valid for entry at the PP and SR airports, but not many of the border crossings. Be sure to check the MFAIC site for current information.

Cambodia visas on arrival
Tourist visas can be obtained on arrival for $20.
Ordinary (business) visas can be obtained on arrival for $25.
– Tourist visas can only be extended for 30 days.
– Ordinary visas can be extended multiple times for up to 1 year at a time.
– One passport size photo is required – otherwise, you will be charged $2.

Cambodia visa extensions
1 month = $42
3 months = $72
6 months = $153
12 months = $283
– A passport size photo is required when requesting a visa extension.
– The 6-month and 12-month visas allow for multiple entry into the country.

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Visa Exemption:

•The nationals of the Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia do not need a tourist visa and may stay in Cambodia for 21 and 30 days respectively.

NOTE: Some nationalities are required to get visa in advance at Royal Embassy of Kingdom of Cambodia in their country: Afghanistan, Algeria, Saudi Arabi, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Nigeria.

The tourist (T) and ordinary (E) visas can be extended at the Immigration Department, National Police, or for less hassle can be extended at most guest houses and travel agencies/tour operators.

The Diplomatic (A), Official (B) and Courtesy (C) visas can be extended at the Consular Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Cambodia visa overstay
– If you overstay your visa, you will be charged at a rate of $5/day. This is to be paid in cash to the immigration agent when leaving the country.

Visa Arrival and Declaration Forms

Cambodia Immigration - VOA Application Form Cambodia Immigration - Health Declaration Cambodia Immigration - Customs Declaration Cambodia Immigration - Arrivals-Departures Card 2 Cambodia_Immigration-Arrivals-Departures_Card